Motorola Moto Z (2016): disponibile la nightly Lineage-17.1-20200403

È disponibile al download la nightly Lineage-17.1-20200403 per il Motorola Moto Z 2016 (nome in codice "griffin"). Si tratta della seconda build ufficiale ed introduce le seguenti novità:

Changes included in

  • recovery: support selecting back arrow via volume buttons
  • android_bootable_recovery
  • Dismiss SnackBar when detached
  • android_packages_apps_Messaging
  • Fix assert fail during onSaveInstanceState()
  • android_packages_apps_Messaging
  • AudioService: communicate audio HAL process pids to native audioserver
  • android_frameworks_base
  • audioserver: allow audioserver to generate audio HAL tombstones
  • android_system_sepolicy
  • media utils: dump audio HAL service before restarting audioserver
  • android_frameworks_av
  • audiopolicy: Fixup 7f84dfd and re-sync with CAF
  • android_frameworks_av
  • Updater: Delete updates only after refreshing the notification
  • android_packages_apps_Updater

Potete scaricare la LineageOS 17.1 per il vostro Motorola Moto Z a questo indirizzo web: Download LineageOS 17.1 - Griffin

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