Galaxy Nexus: rilasciata la custom rom [ROM][22 Nov 2012] AOSP R6 Jelly Bean 4.2 JOP40C + Kernel v3.0.52 Linaro

Qualche giorno fa ho testato su Chimera Revo la AOSP R5 Jelly Bean 4.2 JOP40C + Kernel Linaro e giovedì scorso è stata rilasciata la nuova versione R6 che non proverò perché attendo gli sviluppi della CyanogenMod 10 e soprattutto aspetto la nuova CM10.1

Ecco il changelog rispetto alla versione da me recensita:

22 November 2012 - R6

[+]Updated Kernel with latest AOSP 4.2 patches
[+]Updated Kernel to v3.0.52
[+]Included trinity's kernel patch for colours
[+]Added support for color control
[+]Added Expanded Desktop mode
[+]Added Lockscreen widgets mod (thx to kevdliu)
[+]Added QuickSettings (thx to kevdliu)
[+]Updated BFQ to v5
[+]Updated Google Play Store 3.10.9
[+]Switched from AOSP Calendar to Google Calendar
[!]Fixed Deep Sleep (no more battery drain)
[!]Fixed Calendar (december month missing in calendar)
[!]Fixed Clock in Daydream FC
[-]Removed Google Ears

17 November 2012 - R5

[+]Upgraded to AOSP Jelly Bean 4.2 (build JOP40C)
[+]Upgraded to Google Apps JOP40C
[+]Updated to Kernel 3.0.51
[+]Added the extended Power menu (reboot, reboot recovery and reboot bootloader)
[+]Added Google keyboard with swipe features
[+]Added Google Camera with Photosphere
[+]Added Apollo music player
[+]Added DSP Manager
[+]Added volume louder fix
[+]Added the ability to recognize HSPA+ signal (H+ icon)
[+]Enabled remote Backup&Restore option
[+]Enabled GTalk with video effects
[+]Enabled Landscape mode
[+]Added rotation lock in Quick Settings
and some more!

Ecco, invece, le note di versione:

Kernel + boot.img:

Kernel updated to: 3.0.52 (compiled with Linaro GCC 4.7-2012.10)
Compressed zImage - LZO
Color Control (use this app to change values: Trickster Mod)
Enabled adb root
Available I/O Schedulers: Deadline - CFQ - No-op - BFQ v5
Available CPUFreq govenor: performance - powersave - userspace - ondemand - interactive - conservative - hotplug
Enabled CIFS support
Enabled TUN support


AOSP Jelly Bean 4.2 build JOP40C
Google Apps JOP40C
Gapps removed: Google Current - Google Books - Genie widget - Google Ears - Google Magazines - Google+ - Wallet
/app and /framework ODEXed
busybox v1.20.2
Volume Louder fix
Enabled support to /etc/init.d support
AD Block /etc/hosts
Enabled Adobe FlashPlayer

Quick Settings Mod features:

Thanks to kevdliu - Mod thread -> http://goo.gl/vK32W
Press to directly toggle Wifi and long press to access Wifi settings menu
Press to directly toggle Mobile Data and long press to access Mobile Data settings menu
Press to directly toggle BT and long press to access BT settings menu
Persistent GPS Tile: Press to toggle GPS and long press to access Location settings menu
Add Auto Rotation Tile
Add Volume Tile (Press to display media volume slider and long press to access Volume settings menu)
Add Screen Off Tile
Add Ringer Modes Tile
Control Panel application to show/hide Tiles (NOT included by default, download it here: http://goo.gl/KFgTc)

Potete avviare il download della custom rom R6 direttamente da qui: http://tinyw.in/jrMS mentre se preferite seguire gli sviluppi direttamente nel thread ufficiale potete recarvi a questo indirizzo: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1821673

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