Cyanogenmod: rilasciata la CM10.1 Nightly 20130204 con Android 4.2.1_r1.2 Jelly Bean JOP40G

Cyanogenmod ha rilasciato la CM10.1 Nightly 20130204 che porta con sé alcune novità ma la più importante di queste è sicuramente la nuova versione Android 4.2.1_r1.2  JOP40G. Stabilità e fluidità ottime come nelle precedenti versioni. Per quanto riguarda i consumi ovviamente bisognerà verificare nelle prossime ore. In ogni caso potete aggiornare tranquillamente il vostro Galaxy Nexus!

Per i download:

Get the Latest Nightly Build from here :

Gapps (check always the latest version) :

Ecco il changelog delle ultime versioni:

Camera: Do not start autofocus when snapshot is in progress. (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Camera: Don't try to set focus/metering areas when none exist (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Camera: Enable QC Camera feature set. (android_frameworks_av)
Mms : Default privacy mode to off (android_packages_apps_Mms)
SuperUser : minor correction (android_packages_apps_Superuser)
Mms: Add privacy mode notifications (android_packages_apps_Mms)
Navbar : Fix left over glow (android_frameworks_base)
Fix display of missed calls when filtering for call type and sorting by count. (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
Settings: Make it clearer how SMS Limiting works and add 500 messages option (android_packages_apps_Settings)
cLock: Unicode formatting (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
Fix display of all-day events if there's more than one all-day event. (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
TouchInterceptor: Fixed image cache problems Fixes the problem shown in this video: (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Fix threads running after entering call log, possibly affecting battery life. (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
libgui: Use fences for all QCOM targets (android_frameworks_native)
Lockscreen Targets : Make multi-user compatible (android_frameworks_base)
Bluetooth: Update values (android_packages_apps_Bluetooth)
Fix coding style. (android_frameworks_base)
@hide new setting and move it to appropriate place. (android_frameworks_base)
Fix display condition for minutes. (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
Settings: Hide Development settings when it is turned off (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Goodbye Chronus, it was nice knowing you (1 of 2) (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
Goodbye Chronus, it was nice knowing you (2 of 2) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Notification sound-to-vibration conversion toggle (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Notification sound-to-vibration conversion toggle (android_frameworks_base)
CameraSettings: Fix crash when HAL has too many exposure steps (android_packages_apps_Camera)
LGEQualcommUiccRIL: New subclass to deal with the latest qcom RIL (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
Settings: Fix build warning (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Fix NPE for AlarmClock in silent mode (android_packages_apps_DeskClock)
Fix crash of date selector. (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
Add Call statistics to Contacts (Phone) (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
Bluetooth MAP (Message Access Profile) Upstream Changes (1/3) (android_packages_apps_Bluetooth)
Prevent audio players starting on startup. (android_frameworks_base)
Settings: Update time zones (android_packages_apps_Settings)
SystemUI: highlight quick settings and notification clear buttons (android_frameworks_base)

Fix NullPointerException on locale change. (android_packages_apps_Contacts)
Setting: Remove unneeded strings (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Disable Automatic brightness checkbox if automatic brightness is not available (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Fix the spacing between displayed rotation angles (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Settings: Custom lock screen background [2/2] (android_packages_apps_Settings)
framework: Custom lock screen background [1/2] (android_frameworks_base)
Enable wireless Xbox 360 controller support (android_vendor_cm)
Fix NullPointerException. (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
Keyguard: remove duplicated code (android_frameworks_base)

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