Cyanogenmod: rilasciata CM10.1 Nightly 20121226 per Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Il team Cyanogenmod ha rilasciato un corposo update oggi con la CM10.1 Nightly 20121226, una custom rom che mi sta sorprendendo sempre di più in quanto con il mio Galaxy Nexus sto vedendo dei risultati incredibili sotto il profilo dell'autonomia oltre alla fluidità e alla stabilità che abbiamo già avuto modo di apprezzare con la CM10.

Per i download:

Get the Latest Nightly Build from here :

Gapps (check always the latest version) :

Ecco il changelog:

base: fix constant conflict (android_frameworks_base)
telephony: hide needsOldRilFeature (android_frameworks_base)
QuickSettings : Fix tile removal (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Possible leak in android_emoji_EmojiFactory_newInstance (android_frameworks_base)
Hotseat: Lanscape layout fixes (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Revert "Launcher: Trebuchet settings visibility" (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
LauncherProvider: Clear dock before DB v13 (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Launcher: Trebuchet settings visibility (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Hotseat: Landscape layout fixes (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
HiddenAppsActivity: Set PREFERENCES_CHANGED (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Hotseat: Cleanup (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Hotseat: Fix landscape grid (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Hotseat: Number Icons (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Hotseat: Default Page (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Hotseat: Multiple Pages (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Launcher: Long-press Menu (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Launcher actions (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
powertop: fix power top build for MIPS (android_external_powertop)
Fixed compiler warnings (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Phone: Sprint MWI Quirk: Phantom message wait indicator workaround (android_packages_apps_Phone)
values-iw: uderp (android_frameworks_base)
audio: fix build break for non QCOM (android_system_core)
Calculator: fix build break (fr) (android_packages_apps_Calculator)
get-prebuilts: update Term.apk download URL (android_vendor_cm)
Framework: Fix GSM signal strength (android_frameworks_base)
Mms: Take into account image rotation. (android_packages_apps_Mms)
Fix copy JNI files of Term.apk (android_vendor_cm)
Make output of md5sum more uniform. (android_vendor_cm)
Send out a broadcast intent when BT voice dialing is shut down. (android_packages_apps_Bluetooth)
Allow registering for supplementary service notifications. (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
Add notification type constants. (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
Use supplementary service notifications to display additional call info. (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Clean up in-call vibration implementation. (android_packages_apps_Phone)
bionic: Add memmove_words.c for MIPS build (android_bionic)
[MIPS] fix bionic libm on MIPS support (android_bionic)
LegacyUSB: Squashed commit with updates for 4.2 (android_frameworks_base)
PicoTTS: Set mNativeSynth prior to TextToSpeechService#onCreate (android_external_svox)
su: Setting root access to "ADB only" doesn't work (android_system_su)
Issue 6748: Unable to download ZIP (and many other filetypes) files attached to emails (android_packages_apps_Email)
Email: Display a more proper message when attachment has no size (android_packages_apps_Email)
srec: Fix srec using new AudioRecord API. (android_external_srec)
Email: Use */* mime/type on add_attachment (android_packages_apps_Email)
Update Eclipse .classpath for cm10.1 (android_development)
Profile: fix airplane mode (android_packages_apps_Settings)
camera: extend supported exposure compensation range (android_packages_apps_Camera)
fix screen off animation for devices with abnormal hardware orientation (android_frameworks_base)
simplify and improve BOARD_USE_LEGACY_TOUCHSCREEN (android_frameworks_base)
cdma: Add Cricket LTE Apns (android_vendor_cm)
Legacy touchscreen: Fix B key issue (android_frameworks_base)
Process the BTN_MOUSE event (android_frameworks_base)
Allow compatibility with 'old' Touchscreens (Linux < 3.1) (android_frameworks_base)
camera: add ISO3200 and ISO6400 (android_frameworks_av)
camera: add power mode support (android_frameworks_base)
Use API Level 16 method for creating a MIME NDEF record (android_packages_apps_Settings)
services: Fix tethering (softap) startup. (android_frameworks_base)
SignApk: perform the whole file signature in a single streaming pass. (android_build)
SamsungQualcommCDMARIL : fix cdma/lte signal strength implimentation (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
CdmaLteServiceStateTracker: simultaneous voice and data support on CDMA (e.g: SVDO) (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
CDMA RIL: add SVDO support (1/2) (android_frameworks_base)
SoundSettings: Show DSPManager (android_packages_apps_Settings)
CellInfoLte - Turn off debug (android_frameworks_base)
Rename to DSP Manager (android_packages_apps_DSPManager)
Squashed commit of audio changes from CodeAurora (android_frameworks_av)
Squashed commit of audio changes from CodeAurora (android_frameworks_base)
audio: Add support for QCOM audio devices, formats, and channels (android_hardware_libhardware_legacy)
Revert "Change-Id: Ie2dcf87494c71d6da9493eddad8fe0a59ac5f0f9" (android_hardware_libhardware)
audio: add QCOM supported audio devices (android_system_core)
Settings: Remove Changelog Summary (android_packages_apps_Settings)
SamsungQcomCDMARIL: Add support for SIM. (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
Settings: Add Screen timeout Quick Settings Tile (1 of 2) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Framework: Add Screen timeout Quick Settings Tile (2 of 2) (android_frameworks_base)
Workspace: Shortcut renaming (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Framework: Cleanup Quick Settings Sound tiles (android_frameworks_base)
Settings: Add setting in security for sms message rate alerts from CM10 (android_packages_apps_Settings)
mms: Use enter for new line if mInputType is TYPE_TEXT_VARIATION_LONG_MESSAGE (android_packages_apps_Mms)

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