[ROM] Codename Android 3.6.0 [JellyBean] [09/22/12]

È stata rilasciata la versione 3.6.0 della custom rom Codename per Galaxy Nexus. Ecco il changelog:

Codename Android 3.5.0 – 3.6.0 Changelog

[Phones added] (Stable):
Galaxy S3 International - i9300

[Phones added] (Beta):
Galaxy S3 Att
Galaxy S3 Sprint
Galaxy S3 T-Mobile
Galaxy S3 US Cellular
Galaxy S3 Verizon

* updated AOSP base to 4.1.1_r6 (JRO03R)
* seperated the ability to center the lock screen widgets and the lock screen targets widget
* better performing wifi connection
* wifi will no longer avoid poor connections if not connected to a mobile network
* HTML 5 video user experience and stability fixes and network optimizations
* better text rendering
* enabled fdatasync for SQLite

* added 720p recording support to the nexus 7 (Mark Kennard)
* added theme, smiley, emoji, strip unicode and date support for Mms Quick Message
* added sms over bluetooth (i.e. ability to read sms via car stereo)
* added feature to configure wifi idle timeout (Entropy512)
* added the ability to have up to 5 customizable ring targets (Steve Spear)
* lockscreen widgets can now be on the right, centered, or on the left (FaultException)
* added timer snapshot support to the camera (Jonathan Steadman)
* added burst mode to the camera (Jared Caliendo - up to 20 pictures at a time)
* added jpeg quality settings to the camera (Jared Caliendo)
* added settings for enabling and disabling WebGL in the browser
* added option for preloading media in the browser

* better multilanguage support
* moved ring targets feature into the navigation bar settings
* re-organized all phone settings
* power widget no longer shows data options if they arent supported
* added landscape layout for the color picker

* Updated Galaxy Nexus Kernel - Faux 21 Mainline Series
* Updated Nexus S Kernel - Air Kernel 211

* fixed navigation bar settings force closing on the xoom
* fixed weird black line about Mms text feild
* fixed small down arrow when keyboard is up and phone is in landscape
* fixed wi-max power widget toggle
* fixed export-to-storage function in contacts
* bluetooth audio streaming should be fixed across all music apps and hardware
* fixed tethering issue that was occurring on some devices
* reverted to previous CPU Settings while preserving the new voltage settings (more universal, should fix weird issues on Nexus S)
* automatic lock screen weather refresh will no longer cause freezes

** source now also build-able on Linux Mint as well in OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion
*** CNAWallpapers will not be included as it has been rebuilt and updated for jellybean and we are still working on re-sizing them for all the different device sizes

Per i download ecco il link su XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1839233

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