CyanogenMod rilascia la CM10.1-Nightly-20130704: due major update uno dietro l'altro!

Dopo il rilascio della Cyanogenmod 10.1 stabile ci si aspettava un rilascio quotidiano delle nightly fondamentalmente solo per correggere i bug presenti su alcuni dispositivi. Comunque tra ieri e oggi sono stati rilasciati due maxi aggiornamenti come potrete vedere dal changelog in basso:

Get the Latest Nightly Build from here : (per Galaxy Nexus)
                            "                              : (per tutti gli altri dispositivi)

Gapps (check always the latest version) :

Ed ecco il changelog:

CallTracker: Add delay to reduce cpu load (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
recovery: Always allow the CM release key (android_build)
Allow multiple emulated storages at the same time. (android_frameworks_base)
camera: reset camera surface on previewstart() (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Phone: Disable accelerometer sensor while in-call and screen UI is off (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Apply post-1.21.0 patches, bump version to 1.21.1 (android_external_busybox)
volume_id: fix ntfs attribute search (android_external_busybox)
Fix includes for media-caf (android_frameworks_av)
libstagefright: [Reworked] Fix incorrectness nPortIndex value for QueryCodec (android_frameworks_av)
DeskClock: Fix landscape graphic defect (android_packages_apps_DeskClock)
remove leading hypen from extraversion before adding one (android_vendor_cm)
Apollo: Ignore playlist when name is null. (android_packages_apps_Apollo)
MediaProvider: Allow scan for directories (android_packages_providers_MediaProvider)
Templates: back button goes to preferences not conversation list (android_packages_apps_Mms)
Show the "no action" summary for unitialized gesture values (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Ignore null stylus gesture settings (android_frameworks_base)
repopick: let's be nice to our servers :) (android_build)
Clean up unnecessary backslashes (android_frameworks_base)
repopick: remove the superfluous information from date (android_build)
repopick: gracefully handle empty/non-JSON server responses (android_build)
ByTel, update to use recommended APN & fix MMS sending with B&You (android_vendor_cm)
build: get rid of the sparse expand stuff (android_build)
Fixed reversed output in netstat Recv-Q Send-Q columns (android_system_core) add missing dquotes (android_build)
update manta maintainers (android_vendor_cm)
audioflinger: remove redundand ifdef (android_frameworks_av)
Update for zlib changes (android_bootable_recovery)
Upgrade to zlib 1.2.8. (android_external_zlib)
Separate the Android build stuff from the upstream zlib stuff. (android_external_zlib)
dopush: push files to /data too (android_build)
lolcat (android_system_core)
Fix /system/app/$app.odex not updated issue (android_build)
update SystemUI's proguard.flags (android_frameworks_base)
Lockscreen Options : Fix toggling of states (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Settings: Introduce Privacy Guard Manager (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Lockscreen options : Camera/widgets toggle (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Fimg2d: set fimg.isFilter in SkDraw::drawBitmap (android_external_skia)

Sign final packages with a different key if requested (android_build)
cm: Include private signing keys if present (android_vendor_cm)
NotificationManager : Fix security exception (android_frameworks_base)
Fimg2d3x: fix icon scaling issue with acceleration enabled (android_external_skia)
Don't consider input restricted when the lockscreen is disabled by an app. (android_frameworks_base)
Add option to hide music controls in lockscreen. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Add option to hide music controls in lockscreen. (android_frameworks_base)
Add an option to allow a (subtle) notification vibration during calls. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Add an option to allow a (subtle) notification vibration during calls. (android_frameworks_base)
cm audio: update sounds, add new ones (android_vendor_cm)
Improve update notifications. (android_packages_apps_CMUpdater)
Fix merge derp. (android_packages_apps_Apollo)
Make sure notification is shown when playback is started via media button intent. (android_packages_apps_Apollo)
Don't start playing if we couldn't acquire audio focus. (android_packages_apps_Apollo)
When DPM is updated while lock screen is inhibited, don't unconditionally enable lock screen. (android_frameworks_base)
Delay closing the notification area after swiping a little closer. (android_frameworks_base)
Fix audio session ID handling when invoking DSP manager. (android_packages_apps_Apollo)
Send out USER_PRESENT broadcast on screen on if lockscreen is disabled. (android_frameworks_base)
Nuke the 'vibrate during call' option. (android_packages_apps_Mms)
Correctly release lockscreen lock on tile destroy. (android_frameworks_base)

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