Cyanogenmod 10.1: major update nella Nightly del 20 aprile 2013

Dopo 6 giorni di fila di rilasci di rom Experimental-gerrit è stata rilasciata oggi la custom rom che come era logico attendersi porta con sé un changelog davvero notevole. Le modifiche hanno coinvolto praticamente ogni settore, dalle impostazioni generali alla fotocamera, dal launcher Trebuchet al browser passando per la parte telefonica con l'integrazione del supporto alla blacklist dei numeri telefonici.

L'aggiornamento è sicuro, l'ho installato tramite Cyandelta e vi consiglio di aggiornare il vostro terminale.

Per i download:

Get the Latest Nightly Build from here :

Gapps (check always the latest version) :

Ecco il changelog delle ultime versioni:
Add an option to maintain the focus mode when using touch-to-focus (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Hotseat: Go to default page on home button (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Trebuchet: Hotseat fixes (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Fix up 'add to blacklist' button behaviour (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Framework and SystemUI: Refactor CM Additions resources (android_frameworks_base)
Don't start keyguard in an attempt to exit it. (android_frameworks_base)
Don't let apps disable the SIM PIN entry screen. (android_frameworks_base)
Overhaul auto-brightness level UI. (android_packages_apps_Settings)
cLock: Latest merges (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
Camera: latest merges (android_packages_apps_Camera)
MMS: Softbank smiley + transition to new cm_ format (android_packages_apps_Mms)
Fix option description to match behaviour. (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Phone: Add summary to block private numbers functionality (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Add support for 12.8 MP resolution in Camera (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Revert "Mms: Remove text/plain for ACTION_SEND" (android_packages_apps_Mms)
camera: Fix several issues with storage configuration (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Revert "Add storage selection (2/2)" (android_packages_apps_Gallery2)
envsetup: Make installboot work in recovery mode too (android_build)
adb: Add a few more wait-for commands (android_system_core)
CMStats changes. Remove the notification on boot. Users are thinking they need to opt out to get rid of the notification. The setting to opt-out still exists in the Settings app. If the user does not opt out within 'tFrame' time (1 day), the checkin servi (android_packages_apps_Settings)
CMFileManager: Latest merges (android_packages_apps_CMFileManager)
CMFileManager: Latest merges (android_packages_apps_CMFileManager)
Trebuchet Settings: add setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Trebuchet: Fix vertical position of wallpaper when mWallpaperHack is activated (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
[2/2] Power connect/disconnect notification support (android_packages_apps_Settings)
[1/2] Power connect/disconnect notification support (android_frameworks_base)
Camera: fix scene mode breakage caused by soft-hdr feature (android_packages_apps_Camera)
cLock: Add support for a small widget layout with weather (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
cLock: Hide the calendar panel if there are no events to show (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
Camera: fix crash from storage selection patch (android_packages_apps_Camera)
Add support for proprietary libaudio voice quality filter (android_packages_apps_Phone)
tell curl to be quiet in (android_vendor_cm)
Consolidate bash version checks (android_build)
Check bash version instead of OS for bash completion (android_build)
Mms: Update template activity to Google UI guidelines (android_packages_apps_Mms)
QS/PW: Check for mobile data instead of telephony permissions (2/2) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
QS/PW: Check for mobile data instead of telephony permissions (1/2) (android_frameworks_base)
use curl like everything else on (android_vendor_cm)
The bash completion stuff is crapping out on darwin. Disabling. Let me know if I am doing something wrong. (android_build)
Fix rebase derp. (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Fix: Don't display the lock clock preference if its not installed (android_packages_apps_Settings)
DataUsageSummary: fix mobile data usage display for GSM devices with no number (android_packages_apps_Settings)
DataUsageSummary: fix mobile data usage display for GSM devices with no number (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Phone blacklist: block private numbers functionality (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Phone: Fix reorganization (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Settings: move CM additions out of AOSP files (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Phone: Refactor CM Additions resources (android_packages_apps_Phone)
Mms: Refactor CM Additions resources (android_packages_apps_Mms)
Browser: rearrange CM strings (android_packages_apps_Browser)
QuickSettings: cleanup Removed unnecessary references to QuickSettingsContainerView, LayoutInflater Tile layout is set by constructor (android_frameworks_base)
DeviceParts: Add uniform title between devices (android_device_samsung_tuna)
cm: update maintainers for tsubasa, yuga, odin, t0lteatt, t0ltetmo (android_vendor_cm)
Trebuchet: Centers vertically the wallpaper (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Remove comments before parsing (android_vendor_cm)
Bump version to (android_bootable_recovery)
eat: Eat using adb sideload (android_build)
SystemUI: fix memory leaks (android_frameworks_base)
adb: Add "wait-for-sideload" command (android_system_core)
Revert "Allow disabling DroidDoc build." (android_build)
Externalize symbol picker options to resources (android_frameworks_base)
envsetup: allow using mka for mm{,m} (android_build)
Revert " - add DCHSPAP" (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
inputmethod: Fixup remove stylus preference for non stylus devices (android_packages_apps_Settings)
PowerMenu : Improve keyguard filtered actions (android_frameworks_base)
QwertyKeyListener: Add support for www and .com key (android_frameworks_base)
Trebuchet: Fix Camera favorite (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
libnetutils: add ifc_set_mtu (android_system_core)
Allow USB notification to show when primary SD allows UMS and MTP (android_frameworks_base)
Trebuchet: updated "carousel" transition effect (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
wifi: Fix StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for incorrectly encoded SSIDs (android_frameworks_base)

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