Cyanogenmod: rilasciata la CM10.1 Nightly 20130128

Nella serata di ieri è stato rilasciato un corposo aggiornamento per la Cyanogenmod 10.1 a cui ne ha fatto seguito un altro di cui però al momento della pubblicazione di questo articolo non è stato ancora rilasciato il changelog ufficiale. Tra l'altro la versione CM10.1 Nightly 20130128 non è ancora presente nel database di Cyandelta, infatti, ho effettuato il download dal sito ufficiale per evitare di dover flashare due volte. Dal nostro ultimo aggiornamento che risale a qualche giorno fa ci sono stati tanti piccoli minor update.

Per i download:

Get the Latest Nightly Build from here :

Gapps (check always the latest version) :

Ecco il changelog delle ultime versioni:

SystemUI: Update pt-PT language. (android_frameworks_base)
Superuser: Updating files (android_packages_apps_Superuser)
Fix profile's xml (android_frameworks_base)
PagedView: Prevent NPE (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
omap4xxx: add flag to allow custom libion (android_hardware_ti_omap4xxx)
Init: Allow building of init that is compatible with second init boot (android_system_core)
Issue 6501: "Search" application stops when entering its settings (android_packages_apps_QuickSearchBox)
Add option for switching between UMS and MTP/PTP mode. (2/2) (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Add option for switching between UMS and MTP/PTP mode. (1/2) (android_frameworks_base)
PowerManagerService: Implement setButtonBrightnessOverrideFromWindowManager method (android_frameworks_base)
Update README for CM 10.1 (android_vendor_cm)
PhoneProxy: On v6 or greater RIL, when LTE_ON_CDMA is TRUE, (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
Update Changelog (android_vendor_cm)
Keep the display on while stopwatch or timer is running (android_packages_apps_DeskClock)
Fix dev time initialization for cache age caculation (android_external_e2fsprogs)
Add a long-click target (display settings) to the brightness tile (android_frameworks_base)
Provision: Set Settings.Secure.USER_SETUP_COMPLETE bit (android_packages_apps_Provision)
SystemUI: always use transparent notification shade (android_frameworks_base)
Reset data stall watch dog after doing recovery (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
libcopybit: Use CM standard QCOM naming. (android_hardware_qcom_display-caf)
Reload launcher on expanded desktop (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
AudioService: allow volume control on analog dock (android_frameworks_base)
Status Bar: Fade CM widgets on Low Profile mode (android_frameworks_base)
Mms: Avoid showing a window when marking as read (android_packages_apps_Mms)
Wi-Fi: Manage Wi-Fi AP priorities (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Re-implement magnetic targets (android_frameworks_base)
SurfaceComposerClient: bring back getDisplayWidth, Height & Orientation (android_frameworks_native)
Superuser: Add some AOSP icon love (android_packages_apps_Superuser)
Fix for ambiguous and broken disk formatting dialog (android_frameworks_base)
init.rc: Create /storage mountpoint so Dalvik can mark as slave in zygotes (android_system_core)
frameworks/base: Added English UK keyboard layout for physical keyboards (android_frameworks_base)
recovery: add transparency to error images (android_bootable_recovery)
[1/3] omap4xxx: Allow custom DOMX source instead of Google DOMX default (android_hardware_ti_omap4xxx)
[2/3] mediaeditor: Allow custom DOMX source instead of Google DOMX default (android_frameworks_base)
[3/3] libstagefright/videoeditor: Allow custom DOMX source instead of Google DOMX default (android_frameworks_av)
Framework: Fix button label toasts when layout is RTL (android_frameworks_base)
libstagefright: Collection of fixes for TunnelPlayer (android_frameworks_av)
Add all untracked strings to maketext (android_packages_inputmethods_LatinIME)
Changed profile selection to single-tap action (android_frameworks_base)
Camera: add additional ISO modes (2/2) (android_frameworks_base)
Camera: add additional ISO modes (1/2) (android_packages_apps_Camera)
ShortcutInfo: Don't assume all stringified items have a title (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
SystemUI: Fix dock battery visual glitch (android_frameworks_base)
add i605/l900 (android_vendor_cm)
frameworks: base: systemui: remove textSize from dock_battery_text (android_frameworks_base)
Cleanup dock battery support (android_frameworks_base)

frameworks: add dock battery drawables for HDPI devices (android_frameworks_base)
Show dock battery level if available (android_frameworks_base)
DeleteDropTarget: Fix ghost allapps button (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
CleanSpec: Trebuchet (android_packages_apps_Trebuchet)
Camera: add TARGET_PROVIDES_CAMERA_HAL (android_hardware_qcom_camera)
Videocamera: Fix the settings panel freeze (android_packages_apps_Camera)
DeviceKeyHandle: The device should consume only known keys (android_frameworks_base)
Allow picking of directories. (android_packages_apps_CMFileManager)
DSP Manager: Update values (android_packages_apps_DSPManager)
Dispatch keys to a device specific key handler (android_frameworks_base)
frameworks/av : Playing AAC and MP3 clips using LPA. (android_frameworks_av)
LockClock: Update values (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
SamsungExynos3RIL: fix unable to swtich 2G/3G while connected to wifi (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
SamsungExynos4RIL: provide a fallback solution if signalstrength is invalid (android_frameworks_opt_telephony)
Lockscreen: longpress on expand challenge handle (android_frameworks_base)

Chronus: Optimize widget loading/display (android_packages_apps_LockClock)
Don't prompt for superuser access when picking a file. (android_packages_apps_CMFileManager)
Performance: BootReceiver: set CPU min/max freqs before CPU governor (android_packages_apps_Settings)
Wi-Fi: Pass default country code to driver (android_frameworks_base)
Quick Settings: Fix flip-to-settings animation (android_frameworks_base)
Added flip and shake to snooze (android_packages_apps_DeskClock)
ContactsProvider : Add new projection columns for contact (android_packages_providers_ContactsProvider)
CMFM: Remove aapt warning (android_packages_apps_CMFileManager)
LockClock: Missing strings and a few changes (android_packages_apps_LockClock)

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